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Low-the beginning:

Some vocations are born out of curiosity. In Rettorgole di Caldogno a small town in the province of Vicenza, a boy grows up among the racing bikes on which his older brother pedals. It is the second half of the 1970s and the boy becomes fascinated by the technique behind each bicycle. He wants to use the technique to make riding a better experience. It is a deep falling in love. The boy's name is Alcide Basso. In his home workshop, he starts brazing, disassembling and reassembling, getting his hands dirty to understand how things are made. At first it is nothing more than a game. As a self-taught person he ventures between materials and geometries, between mechanics and aesthetics, between technique and passion. In those years, the dominant approach in bike production is the artisanal one. Alcide chose to follow the same direction and set to work in his home workshop. Everything started from here and after four decades Alcide is still the backbone of the company and continues to work with the same curiosity, the same enthusiasm, the same humility. He still gets his hands dirty because, as he says, "I am and always will be a worker."

A worker who has worked for forty years to make a bike ride, whether a professional race or a Sunday ride, a better experience.

Every Basso frame comes from experience in the saddle. Every shape of its construction, every angle of its geometry, and every single tube that makes it up are the result of development work conducted together with highly skilled engineers. It is not a matter of producing the lightest bike or the most aerodynamic bike, but of composing these features to create an inspiring high-performance riding experience. Behind every Basso frame are the hands of those who, with passion and dedication, shape the material with care and meticulous attention to every detail. Hands that not only make performance frames, but also ensure durability so that the Basso riding experience lasts as long as possible. Ride after ride, season after season.

Every chassis that leaves the Basso workshops guarantees quality, reliability and confidence in the constant improvement of the riding experience. The beauty of a Basso chassis is not only seen with the eyes, but experienced with every part of it.


The collaboration with founder Mr. Lee Katz continued until the end of the last century when the brand changed hands, and for the past two decades Stardue has been handling Lee Cougan-branded products for the whole world, making it in effect an Italian brand. The story of Lee Cougan is the story of a continuous contamination between different places, people, ideas and approaches. This is why the brand is differentiated by its uniqueness, mixing, reinterpreting and bringing together industry excellences from different corners of the planet. It is this wealth of experience that allows the brand to develop unique solutions to bring to life, literally, "things never seen."


Riding on a Basso bicycle is an experience to be had that goes far beyond technical data and performance: at its core, the best possible rideability achieved through the balance of handling and lightness, performance and riding pleasure.

For Lee Cougan, a mountain bike is a tool through which to connect with nature. Experiences in the Camel Trophies have taught the brand that there are no limits to exploration on two wheels and that every challenge is takeable if you have the right tools. Therefore, the brand's goal is to create mountain bikes that allow people to venture out and explore, with the knowledge that they have a reliable tool. Comfort determines riding pleasure, performance amplifies the freedom to explore. In every Lee Cougan there is an invitation to take new roads, to get lost, to discover a little more of the endless beauty of nature. Innovation for Lee Cougan rests on the balance between performance, riding comfort, freedom to explore, and respect for what is being explored, including through the development of technologies to reduce environmental impact. Innovate yes, but with the right timing to understand its real value and not to chase market logic.


Are you at the LUT? Then we look forward to seeing you at the SCARPA Spin Planet Party! 👟💙! On June 22, from 5 pm at our gym, come and meet Marco De Gasperi and the Scarpa Trail Running Team, special guest Sergio Pereira who will tell about his Patagonia Run. All accompanied by food, drinks and DJ set! 🍻 🪩
Don't miss it, admission is free!


On Saturday, March 4, the Gymnasium and Guide Bar will close at 7:00 p.m.


On Saturday, Feb. 25, Simone Moro will be the star of the evening Speaker Series at the Alexander Hall cinema in Cortina d'Ampezzo, at 7 p.m., during which the exploits of the Bergamasque mountaineer from the Himalayas to Manaslu will be retraced, with a profound reflection on how his vision of mountaineering has changed over the years. Don't miss the opportunity to attend this FREE event.