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Premana is an Italian town of 2300 inhabitants: a large village clinging to the mountain slope in the heart of Valvarrone, resembling an unreal vision in the western sector of the Orobian Alps, forty kilometers from Lecco. A village in the woods, surrounded by greenery, where houses huddle together seamlessly: a spontaneous, ancient and extraordinary architecture that symbolizes the strong bonds between people because Premana, like Cortina d'Ampezzo, is truly a community.

We at C.A.M.P. were born here, in 1889, in a place that still exists: a craft workshop where everything began, like a small seed that gave birth to the big tree. We grew up and stayed in Premana, attached to our values, which without rhetoric are those of a mountain land, where hard work is felt and sustainability is not a modern requirement but a natural modus vivendi, even millenarian.

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From a mountain village, C.A.M.P. has come to the whole world. The products made by the company's founder, blacksmith Nicola Codega, were intended for the local market, but as early as the 1920s, with the first ice axes for the Alpine Corps, the company began to look farther afield, to the national arena.

The entry of the third generation of the Codega family set the stage for international development, which began in 1968 with participation in the SPOGA fair in Cologne. Twenty years later, in 1988, the French subsidiary saw the light of day, followed by the U.S. subsidiary in 2010, the Russian subsidiary in 2012, and the direct presence in Germany in 2013; the network of distributors became increasingly dense, on every continent.

Since 2011 C.A.M.P. has been officially registered among the historical companies of Italy. Its products are distributed in 80 countries, awarded at the most prestigious international fairs and protagonists of the successes of mountaineers like Denis Urubko and Marcin Tomaszevski, and climbers like Janja Garnbret and Stefano Ghisolfi.


Making something special: that's what we think about when we start working on a new product. Making something that stands out from what already exists, that makes a difference in the sense of performance, durability, functionality and ease of use, safety and lightness.

If we had not been like this, if this had not been the philosophy of C.A.M.P., the X-Dream ice axe - to give just one example - would never have existed. We look at the needs of mountain goers, analyze existing answers and strive to find more viable ones that can make each activity easier, faster and safer - and even more fun: from mountaineering to hiking, from ice climbing to ski mountaineering, from sport climbing to via ferrata.

This is our mission, our vision, what we have believed in for 135 years.


Are you at the LUT? Then we look forward to seeing you at the SCARPA Spin Planet Party! 👟💙! On June 22, from 5 pm at our gym, come and meet Marco De Gasperi and the Scarpa Trail Running Team, special guest Sergio Pereira who will tell about his Patagonia Run. All accompanied by food, drinks and DJ set! đŸģ đŸĒŠ
Don't miss it, admission is free!


On Saturday, March 4, the Gymnasium and Guide Bar will close at 7:00 p.m.


On Saturday, Feb. 25, Simone Moro will be the star of the evening Speaker Series at the Alexander Hall cinema in Cortina d'Ampezzo, at 7 p.m., during which the exploits of the Bergamasque mountaineer from the Himalayas to Manaslu will be retraced, with a profound reflection on how his vision of mountaineering has changed over the years. Don't miss the opportunity to attend this FREE event.