Cortina360 Mountain Guides

Born on April 12, 1983, he has been practicing all the main activities related to the Mountain world since a very young age.

In 2010 he took a degree in Civil Engineering and became a Mountain Guide in 2020.

Mountain activities span the entire alpine range from sport climbing, classic and modern route climbing, ice and mixed climbing, ski mountaineering, and high mountain activities.

Boasts of more than 200 climbing routes above 8a with maximum grade reached 8b/c, repeater of most of the classic and modern routes in the Dolomites up to difficulties of 10th grade.

His favorite activity is opening new routes both on multi-pitch routes and on crags. In 2018 he opens and frees the route called D.O.C.G. with a maximum difficulty of 8a+ (7C obb) and always in the same year he frees the route of the great on Monte Cornon proposing the X° grade (8b). In 2021 he opens and frees a single pitch on the Marmarole group "Freedom" with difficulties not yet declared. All the main climbs turn out to be still unrepeated. 

Opener and nailer of many new crags in the Comelico and Cadore area.

Also very active on ice and mixed, repeater of the main waterfalls in the Alps, opener of new mixed routes between Val Comelico and Val di Gares with difficulties up to M11.

Passionate ski mountaineering enthusiast where he has traveled most of the classic routes in the eastern alps and boasts some first steep skiing descents with maximum gradients of 55°.

In the field of high mountain ascents, one can mention the Winter Ascent of the North Face of the Eiger, The Integral Crossing of the Matterhorn from Matterhorn to Matterhorn in 14 hours without the use of lifts, the ascent of the Gabarrou Direttissima to the Red Pillar of Broulliard, many routes on the satellites of Mont Blanc and most of the ridges of the massifs for Gran Paradiso, M. Blanc, M. Rosa, Central Alps and Ortles group.

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On Saturday, Feb. 25, Simone Moro will be the star of the evening Speaker Series at the Alexander Hall cinema in Cortina d'Ampezzo, at 7 p.m., during which the exploits of the Bergamasque mountaineer from the Himalayas to Manaslu will be retraced, with a profound reflection on how his vision of mountaineering has changed over the years. Don't miss the opportunity to attend this FREE event.