Snowshoeing. The most comfortable, simple, safe and relaxing way to move in the mountains in winter; snowshoes allow you to move carefully in the woods and snow-covered meadows, seeking peace and relaxation that only the mountains can give you. Activity suitable for everyone, and possible in all weather conditions.

From 70 euros per person, at least 4 people.

A few proposals:

Easy: the Giau woods

Spoiled for choice when looking for a bit of exercise surrounded by nature, peace
and tranquility; a therapeutic activity.

Medium: 5 Torri

Walk amongst the rocks and the most famous towers of Cortina, beyond the edge of the wood admiring fantastic panoramas.

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Apertura TUTTI i giorni dalle ore 8.00 alle 22.00 per la palestra,
e 8.00 alle 23.00 per il bar.

24 DICEMBRE chiusura ore 20.00
25 DICEMBRE apertura ore 11.00 e chiusura ore 20.00
31 DICEMBRE chiusura ore 20.00
1 GENNAIO apertura ore 11.00