Heliski is pure adrenaline! Go by helicopter, to the most beautiful mountains in the world, search for virgin slopes and then ski surrounded by awsome peaks. The Cortina360 Mountain Guides have 20 years of Heliski experience in the Dolomites! Proposals suitable for mid-level skiers and experts.

From 350 euros per person for the Heli Experience, proportional to rotations for the more demanding proposals.

Heli Experience Cortina Dolomiti

3 rotations on Sorapiss-Faloria-Punta Nera.

Heli Full Dolomiti

Depending on the snow conditions, choose the most inspiring place in Marmarole, Antelao or Civetta.
Heliski will be done in a group of al least 4 persons and an Alpine Guide.

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Apertura TUTTI i giorni dalle ore 8.00 alle 22.00 per la palestra,
e 8.00 alle 23.00 per il bar.

24 DICEMBRE chiusura ore 20.00
25 DICEMBRE apertura ore 11.00 e chiusura ore 20.00
31 DICEMBRE chiusura ore 20.00
1 GENNAIO apertura ore 11.00