The essence of off-piste skiing, limiting ascents to a minimum and searching for routes based on the quality of the snow and the setting. The proposals vary from the approach to freeriding, where you will learn the basics of the progression technique and be advised on the use of equipment, then continue with more challenging and longer slopes, such as the Marmolada or the Ra Valles valley. When you are ready tackle the famous Dolomite couloirs, always searching for the best snow.

From 300 euros, depending on itinerary and participants.

A few proposals:

Easy: 5 Torri

The variety of the slopes and the convenient access allow even the less experienced to have fun and try the approach to the world of off-piste skiing in a unique environment.

Medium: Marmolada

Skiing from the highest mountain in the northern slopes, with seemingly endless space and choice of curve and speed… not to be missed.

Difficult: couloirs

Take your pick!Technique and precision combined with the pleasure of skiing surrounded by stunning environments

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Apertura TUTTI i giorni dalle ore 8.00 alle 22.00 per la palestra,
e 8.00 alle 23.00 per il bar.

24 DICEMBRE chiusura ore 20.00
25 DICEMBRE apertura ore 11.00 e chiusura ore 20.00
31 DICEMBRE chiusura ore 20.00
1 GENNAIO apertura ore 11.00