One of the main attractions of the Dolomites are Via ferratas, a mixture of climbing and hiking routes, some more demanding than others, along routes equipped with metal cables and ladders or suspension bridges that facilitate progression.
Among the more “classic” proposals is an itinerary for the whole family around Fanes Falls, the ascent to the peak of Punta Fiames by climbing the ferrata Strobel and the ascent to the top of Tofana di Rozes by the ferrata Lipella through World War I military posts while surrounded by breathtaking views.

For the family

Cascate di Fanes; la Pégna.


Medium level

Punta Fiames; Tofana Terza e Formenton; Col dei Bos.

Classic hypes

Tomaselli; Lipella alla Tofana di Rozes; Punta Anna.

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