Ice climbing is discovering the magical world of ice and snow, with a similar approach to climbing in summer but with totally different sensations and equipment. From the basics of walking with crampons and ice axes to conquering walls interspersed with ice and rock.

From 300 euros, maximum two persons, depending on the itinerary

A few proposals:

Easy: Ra Stua

Rediscover a familiar place known in totally different conditions, moving between walls of ice with ice axes and crampons.

Medium: Landro

A magical place where the approach to ice climbing leads you to discover an enchanted valley, start moving vertically using ice axes and crampons to climb.

Difficult: Val Travenanzes

Walls of ice in a wild and remote valley. Climbs of great satisfaction in a unique environment. What a feeling.

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Venerdì 14 sabato 15 domenica 16 orari dalle 10 alle 23

Lunedì 17 – Martedì 18 – Mercoledì 19 – chiuso per tracciatura
Giovedì 20 – apertura ore 18:00


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